XPUMP Premium speakers and headphones

英企業名:Embrace Audio Lab Inc. 

企業名:XROUND 英霸聲學科技股份有限公司 
製品名:XPUMP Premium
 Winning Reason 
●Easy installation and connection to devices such as PCs, gaming consoles, speakers and headphones.
●Enhanced sound details with patented algorithms to provide a better listening experience in entertainment scenarios such as music, movies, and games.  
●Although it is only SME, it accomplished great sale results through crowdfunding platforms, proving its product value in the market.

Product Feature
●IMMERSIVE EMBEDDED 3D SURROUND SOUND, plug and play design connects direct to your audio device, no additional settings or installations required. 
●VIRTUAL 7.1 via patented XROUND digital signal processing algorithm giving you the smallest portable home theatre system in the world. 
●GREAT COMPATIBILITY as external surround sound card works with your mobile/ Windows PC / Mac / PS4 /Nintendo Switch, simply connect to your headset or speakers and enjoy great sound.