Unite PA760 Rugged Mobile Computer

企業名:unitech 精聯電子股份有限公司
製品名:PA760 Rugged Mobile Computer
Winning Reason
●Industrial-size computer with excellent functionality, including work gauge level protection design, professional bar code engine and dual-lens camera, as well as unique multi-bar code reading function. It is a very customized, efficient design and multi function tool. In addition, it can be widely used in storage, parking management, water and electricity meter reading, airport and transport management, retail management and other fields. It will be a good helper in the industry.
●In terms of market potential, with Google certification, NFC login function, security, plus a unique multi-barcode design, a brush can read 10 groups of barcode, improve the reading efficiency of 10 times, and rapid disassembly battery design, easy for customers to adopt. It has great potential in the market.

Product Feature
●Android 9.0 OS with GMS Certification
●Advacned 2D imager to read special DPM / Dot code
●Support NFC & Finger Print (optional)
●Easy Hot-swap battery design
●Available to read more than 10 barcodes at a time with multi-scan function
●Dual charging interfaces: durable pogo-pin connector & USB Type C Connector
●IP67 and 1.5M drop-resistant housing (1.8M with bumper)
●Support WLAN& WWAN: Dual Bands with fast roaming &4G LTE with full bands
●MDM Software Solutions