製品名:Cincoze Unveils GM-1000 Rugged Compact GPU Computer
企業名:Cincoze Co., Ltd.
 GM-1000組み込みコンピューターの特徴は、第一に最新のMXMGPUを支援すること。標準オプションとしてNVIDIA Quadro T1000(2.6 TFLOPS)、NVIDIA Quadro P2000(2.3 TFLOPS)、またはAMD Radeon E9174(1.2 TFLOPS)などさまざまなGPUを選択できる。

Cincoze, a professional manufacturer of embedded systems, unveils the GM-1000 rugged GPU computer, which is powered by the 9th/8th generation Intel® CPU and supports one MXM GPU module expansion. This GPU computer provides high-performance computing capability with a small footprint design, which is suitable for applications like edge computing, machine vision, image processing, and artificial intelligence.
GM-1000 is designed with a power budget up to 360W which provides sufficient power for CPU and GPU to operate simultaneously. Additional GPU computing acceleration is realized through MXM 3.1 Type A/B expansion slot, which allows it to expand with an embedded GPU module from various manufacturers up to 160W.
The Cincoze GM-1000 is a machine vision computer designed for machine vision applications, but with enough extra for artificial inteWEBlligence and image processing. All this in a tough, compact, and reliable package.