COMPUTEX Forum 2021の3日目、6月3日はInnoVEX+Startupを取り上げます。

Session 1: Digital Transformation 
JUNE 3@10:00
【StarFab Accelerator, Mesh Ventures, Ceres Capital】 2021 InnoVEX: Sets the Tone, Moving Forward! 
Amanda Liu, CEO, StarFab Accelerator、Tony Yu, Partner, Mesh Ventures、Yvonne Chen, Founder, Ceres Capital
Session 2: 5G, AI & Startups 
JUNE 3@11:00
【Qualcomm】Qualcomm Empowering Taiwan‘s Startups in the 5G Era / Innovations that Create Opportunities In Taiwan and Beyond
ST Liew  President, Qualcomm Taiwan & SEA、Sudeepto Roy VP, Engineering, Qualcomm
JUNE 3@11:30 
【Qualcomm, RelaJet, Smart Tag, DATAYOO】Making AI Ubiquitous 
Yvie Tai, Staff Manager, Business Dev, Qualcomm、Jack Chen, COO, RelaJet、Kim Chang, CEO & Founder, Smart Tag、Shaw Wu, CEO, DATAYOO
JUNE 3@12:00
【Qualcomm, Yallvend, QT Medical, Nestech】Digital Transformation Ignited by 5G Innovation 
Mack Chen, Sr. Manager, Marketing, Qualcomm、Duncan Huang, CEO, Yallvend、Jackal Chen, Senior Vice GM, QT Medical、Kristy Yeh, Co-Founder and CEO, Nestech

Session 3: Healthcare 
JUNE 3@13:00
【BE Accelerator, OSD, IRegained】Healthcare Startups Unties the Knot 
David Yeh, Principal, BE Accelerator、Chang Hun Lee, CSO & Co-Founder, OSD、Vineet Johnson, Founder and CEO, IRegained
Session 4: Cyber Security 
JUNE 3@13:30
【Trend Micro, Wedge Networks, CHELPIS】Keeping the Good Stuff in, Bad Things Out! 
Bob Hung, Taiwan & H.K. GM, Trend Micro、Hongwen Zhang, Founder, CEO & CTO, Wedge Networks、Ming-yang Chih, CEO, CHELPIS
Session 5: Startup Ecosystem 
JUNE 3@14:00
【NTHU, NCKU, NSYSU】Technology Leads the Way, Bringing the Industry to New Height
Bruce Lin, CEO, NTHU、David Peng, CEO, NCKU、Onail Liang, Deputy Executive Manager, NSYSU
JUNE 3@15:00 
【eYs3D】Recharging the Semiconductor Industry with Startups 
James Wang Chief Strategy & Sales Officer
JUNE 3@15:30
【TIER】Taiwan Startup Ecosystem: Hubs and Investments 
Ping-Hang Fan Deputy Director, Div VI
JUNE 3@16:00
【Tohmatsu Venture】The Key Factors to Become a Growth Startup in the 2020s
YUMA SAITO President & CEO